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Started in 1956 by Robert L. Berard (Hatch), and now with his son Robert J. Berard (Bob) in full ownership, Paramount Farms, Inc. has always been progressive in adopting proven, new technology. In the early days, Paramount Farms was one of the first farms in the area to use irrigation. Now, our irrigation is computer controlled from our office, or from a PC in a vehicle, and from a cell phone.

We utilize satellite imagery systems that track grids of production land to analyze fertility and disease problems. This aids dramatically in the reduction of fertilizers and chemicals that are needed to make the highest production with the lowest possible usage of these various products. The list of new technical tools at our disposal continues to grow.

In today’s world of keeping our planet “green”, 80% of our vehicles, trucks, tractors, harvesters have tier 3 diesel emissions. Reducing the carbon emissions, and increased fuel economy. We use rubber track type tractors to reduce soil compaction and reduce slippage. These tractors, along with larger, more efficient planting and tillage machinery, including GPS hands free steering allow us to do a more precise job than ever before, cover more acres per day, and adds productivity to the entire farm.

Harvest is a busy season starting in mid-summer with peas and beans, then sweet corn and potatoes into early October. We harvest 48 rows of potatoes in a pass, and store about 80,000 cwt each day.

Our storage capacity is 1.8 million cwt. All of our storage is equipped with “State of the Art” equipment. They are capable of storing potatoes up to nine months by electronically and automatically controlling air flow, humidity, CO2 levels, and fresh air intake. We have two grading sheds that are also state of the art, one for reds and one for chip stock. By using DC power inverters, machinery can be started slowly and adjusted to any speed necessary to ensure an even distribution for grading and a consistent flow. We are also using electronic sorting to improve our consistency and always most efficient.

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